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Pozzetta offers both shippers and carriers to protect wafers by reducing particles, preventing ESD, reducing outgassing, at competitive prices.

Through our line of single wafer shippers, we protect and safely transport single wafers from manufacturer to point of use. Our expertise in polymer product manufacturing and critical device packaging enables us to provide fast delivery of high quality products at competitive prices. 

Dainichi Shoji and Pozzetta are both manufacturers committed to meeting the stringent requirements of our demanding industry. Dainich Shoji incorporates three decades of know-how and experience into the production of close tolerance wafer carriers. Pozzetta is proud to be a Dainichi authorized distributor in the United States because of our shared vision and commitment to helping customers succeed by reducing particles, preventing ESD, reducing outgassing, and reducing costs. Also see our lines of wafer shipperswafer carrierssolar carriers and our FOUP/FOSB products