Our story

Pozzetta Products was developed in 1994 to meet the growing demands of the semiconductor industry, with a focus in secure critical material transportation and handling. As the need to safely house and transport critical devices across the world grew, we grew with it. Along with our semiconductor device handling division, our sub-micron cleaning capabilities have enabled Pozzetta to transition into an overarching support system for the semiconductor industry. As one of the world’s premier critical packaging providers, Pozzetta provides unrivaled commitment, compassion, and ingenuity, with an ever-growing client base.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to fueling your work. The semiconductor industry requires constant research, development, and innovation, and our goal is to nurture that focus without detracting from any advancements. The work that you develop enables the semiconductor industry to exceed expectations and elevate the possibilities of science. Rather than get caught up in the details of how your critical materials will make their way from point A to point B, leave that job to Pozzetta’s semiconductor industry experts.