As a critical element of the production process, we at Pozzetta believe it is absolutely vital to have a fluid and responsive logistics model as part of our semiconductor services. With the support of our sister company, Peak Fulfillment, Pozzetta can instill an intuitive logistics program that ensures efficiency without sacrificing quality. Learn more about our sister company, Peak Fulfillment, here.

Pozzetta is the market leader of photomask compacts, paving the way for the efficient, secure, and simplified fulfillment of critical materials across the world. With our expert help, we can optimize that process with additional logistical support.



Pozzetta is committed to providing immaculate cleaning services for your critical process containers. Using our signature microclean technology and years of experience, we are focused on reducing particles for containers used in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. With our complete semiconductor services, the production process from A to Z is perfected.


Pozzetta is an industry leader in the cleaning and recycling of photomask compacts, reticle cassettes, SMIF pods, and wafer containers of all types including Ultrapaks, FOSB (300mm), FOUPS, and other wafer storing and shipping devices.

semiconductor device fabrication


Pozzetta can assist in the assembly of various critical devices with the support of our semiconductor services. Using specialized crew members, emerging technology, and immaculate production space, our assembly processes ensure your products are given the care and attention they deserve.

Pozzetta offers customized solutions for your semiconductor device and microelectronics challenges, tackling storage, security, and design problems with finesse and focus. 
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