Pozzetta Microclean Services

Pozzetta provides assured, accredited, and immaculate microclean services to global industry leaders of the critical device industry. Our processes ensure that your critical devices remain free of contaminants by meeting specified particles per cubic meter, ultimately resulting in a higher fab yield and optimized production.
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Our world-class microclean facility upholds our unique position within the industry due to a few key distinctions:
  • 1,000 ft² of Class 1000 cleanroom
  • Two Class 1 mini cleanroom environments
  • Class 1 packaging environment
  • 8,000 ft² warehouse space
  • Benchmark ultrasonic sensing
  • 18 megohm de-ionized water 
  • 0.05 micron filtration
About our clean room

Reduce particles

Pozzetta’s expertly-trained microclean crew holds an in-depth intellect into the world of particle reduction for semiconductor device & microelectronics containers. Our systematic microclean process ensures that your critical devices are properly purified and cleansed, removing any possible contaminants that may increase your particles per cubic inch. By using our in-house pressurized filtration system that pumps deionized water into our class 6 cleanroom, your critical device containers are absolved of contaminants through the use of our industry-grade washing system.

Increase fab yield

When Pozzetta’s microclean specialists are tasked with purifying your critical devices, your company will ultimately experience an uptick in production efficiency and overall success rate. By cleansing your carriers of contaminants and reducing your particles per cubic inch, Pozzetta microclean services increase your wafer fabrication yield, eliminating wasted time and expenses. If your company’s production yield leaves much to be desired, enlist Pozzetta for renowned, certified microclean services at our state-of-the-art cleanroom.

Uphold integrity

Here at Pozzetta, our specialties in the critical device industry stretch far beyond microclean services into the world of molding, manufacturing, packaging, and optimization. As full-service experts in the world of semiconductor device handling, our microclean team possesses an unrivaled understanding of the unique complexities and delicacies of your critical devices. With this intuitive knowledge, Pozzetta’s microclean services are guaranteed to preserve device integrity, function, and legibility for future adoption and adaptability. 

Refurbished microclean inventory

Pozzetta offers refurbished, wafer-ready Nikon reticle cassettes that have already passed our stringent microclean process. 

Pozzetta has helped customers decrease downtime, improve yield, and realize cost savings by managing a microclean, maintenance, and refurbishment program for six-inch Nikon Reticle Cassettes. Routine cassette use will eventually result in damage to the many intricate parts that make a Nikon box function efficiently, but Pozzetta’s refurbishment program extends the lifespan of your cassettes for years to come. Pozzetta will replace broken lids, doors, clips and more to keep your investment working for you.

Refurbishment services

  • Remove stickers and labels
  • Install new door and lid
  • Replace worn, broken, and missing parts
  • Precision clean using 18ΩDI water with .05-micron filtration
  • Double bag and package to be cleanroom-ready

Replacement parts

  • Lid door
  • Door sleeves
  • Rear sleeves
  • Hinge pins
  • Door pins
  • Latch clips
  • Standoffs
  • Door tension springs
  • Dogleg pins
  • Standoff screws

To learn more, contact our team today to purify and perfect your critical device preparation processes.


Custom cleanroom labels

Pozzetta’s microclean services extend beyond mere cleanroom support to include custom label creation. Our team will work with you to create custom-designed cleanroom labels that clearly signify the status and description of a specific product and it’s status in the general production process. Once your cleanroom label design is finalized, we can print and package your newly purified carriers in-house to expedite the production process.

Bottled de-ionized water

Pozzetta’s packaged lab-grade de-ionized water is the same purifier we use at our class 6 cleanroom facility, allowing you to use this immaculately prepared product in a variety of lab applications. Our de-ionized water possesses 18 MegOhm resistance, 0.05 micron membrane filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, and is available in a glass quart or plastic gallon container. Our de-ionized water is bottled and packaged in our class 6 cleanroom facilities on-site. Typical use for de-ionized water includes: as a reagent, for microbiology lab cleaning, autoclaving, dialysis, food processing, microelectronics particle removal, rechargeable batteries, and general purpose laboratory and cleanroom use.

C2C cleanroom shipping cube

The C2C Cube is specifically designed for packaging and transport of semiconductor manufacturing equipment from one cleanroom directly into another cleanroom.
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