Custom Critical Device Transportation Solutions

Here at Pozzetta, we have dedicated our careers to optimizing the transportation of critical devices. Our breadth of experience has enabled our team to expand our offerings and expectations into effective, individualized support, finding custom solutions for an array of critical device challenges.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              After decades in the critical device transport industry, we’ve come to realize one fundamental fact: in order to develop efficient, reliable, and assured packaging and transport of critical devices, one must fully understand the nature of such devices. As a result, we’ve become experts in the world of critical devices, allowing our team to provide customized solutions for our global clients. Pozzetta’s custom solutions enable leading corporations to maximize critical device storage space, prototype development, production possibilities, and beyond.

PL1400 Customizable Compact

Custom secure environments for advanced materials. Providing custom solutions for 220mm – 350mm, the PL1400 is a large footprint 14″ box that can be used for endless applications. Pozzetta provides rapid low volume production of custom critical device packaging using boutique low outgassing resins that protect from ESD and particle contamination. This box is fully customizable to fit your application needs.


300mm Wafer Shipper


300mm Film Frame Shipper


14″ Photomask Shipper


Wafer Carriers

300mm Probe Card Shipper


Wafer Carriers

11″ x 11.5″ Glass Shipper


14″ Smart Glass Shipper


3D printing

Pozzetta’s 3D printing technology enables your business to optimize the following elements of your critical device carriers & other products:


Pozzetta’s product designers aim to create a new product design that modernizes and simplifies the way your critical device packaging looks and feels..


A key element of our 3D printing services is creating critical device packaging designs that interact well with other critical components.


The overriding purpose behind all of our 3D printing solutions is to ensure that product function is simplistic, accessible, and clarified.


Our critical device solutions are always created with a focus on increasing convenience & cost-effectiveness with simplified production.

FDM Printing (Fused Deposition Modeling)

FDM printing, or Fused Deposition Modeling, is a 3D printing process that is best suited for the development of general prototypes, functional fixture jigs, and low volume production. This packaging solution is one of the most common forms of 3D printing for critical devices and other products, and is generally considered low-resolution(rated to 100μ), where the resolution is dependent on the material used. In-house filament materials are used to simplify the process, with an easily adjustable density. The XY plane is utilized in this printing process, with a 17” x 17” x 19” printing capability.

SLA Printing (Stereolithography Apparatus)

SLA printing, or Sterolithography Apparatus printing, is a 3D printing process that is ideally suited for form & fit prototyping and production purposes. SLA printing is characterized by high resolution (rated to 25μ), where the resolution is also material-dependent. Material selection is limited with SLA printing, and any 3D prints are solid by default. SLA Printing utilizes the X,Y,Z plane, offering a more complex design for your critical device packaging and beyond. 
Common materials used: ABS, PC, PurePoly
Popular industries served: Semiconductor, Optics

Reticle storage

Pozzetta offers customized reticle storage components that perfectly preserve your critical devices while optimizing available facility space.

Reticle storage racks

Pozzetta offers secure and customized reticle storage solutions that organize and protect your critical devices. All Pozzetta reticle storage racks offer an integrated range of features, benefits, and functions.
  • High density mass storage system intelligently designed for photomasks and reticles
  • Original linear robot to allow for optimal space utilization and easy access
  • Protected system that maintains security and archives inventory management
  • Compatible structure for class 1 clean environment 
  • Open flowing design enhances laminar flow around cassettes
  • Free flow design reduces particle accumulation
  • Quality components and accessories ensure reliability and longevity
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Wafer box storage racks

Like Pozzetta’s reticle storage, our custom wafer storage solutions simplify the organization of your critical devices without compromising integrity. Pozzetta’s wafer storage racks offer unrivaled quality, novelty, and feasibility. 
  • Unique wall-mounted system specially designed for the semiconductor industry
  • Wall mounting reduces drops by eliminating the need for free stacking
  • Open flowing design optimizes laminar flow around work in process (WIP)
  • Free flow design reduces particle accumulation
  • Dynamic layout allows for easy access with multiple cassette storage options
  • Novelty design protects valuable WIP from potential damage
  • Customized design & accessories are readily available for your unique requirements
Reticle Storage Rack

I have helped customers optimize cleanroom storage space with racks custom designed to organize and hold SMIF pods. Is this something that resonates with you?     

Artemis Vasiliades

Account Executive

Tracking & software database

Pozzetta can assist in the implementation of a tracking and software system that follows the production of your WIP, or work in process. With our deep-rooted knowledge of the critical device industry, we can equip your company with a structure that opens up the floor for accessibility, accuracy, and optimization.

Simplify communication

Pozzetta’s critical device tracking system keeps your team one step ahead of production, ensuring no ideas or changes get lost in the pipeline while keeping you focused on your important work.

Encourage traceability

Pozzetta’s tracking & software systems enable you to track the status of your WIP, following along with every stop of the critical device manufacturing, fabrication, and packaging process.

Enhance production

Our WIP database allows your team to focus on the task at hand without getting caught up in the minute details of production, freeing up valuable time spent resolving assembly & manufacturing issues.

Injection molding

Pozzetta’s spacious injection molding facility allows our team to manufacture original critical device carriers that are unique to your product’s needs. With a certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, our injection molding facility is your reliable source for the manufacturing of various components to protect the transport of critical materials.

30,000 square foot manufacturing space

Our spacious injection molding department allows our expert team to manufacturecritical device packaging with ease and accessibility, while upholding stringent ISO standards.

100,000 square foot warehouse space

Our open molding facility ensures your critical devices have adequate space to be tended to without compromising their integrity or getting lost in the mix of work.

30 injection molding presses

Our 30 injection molding presses assure fluidity and rapid succession of your new critical device carriers and other products, with open space to balance multiple projects at once.

300 – 400 million parts/year

Pozzetta’s critical device experts are constantly at work manufacturing new and long-standing parts for our beloved clients, expanding our skill set and experience one part at a time. 

22 – 750 ton press range

This wide range of press weight provides a versatile breadth of options for your business to create original injection molds in a variety of sizes and uses.

2 class 10,000 cleanrooms

Our expanded cleanroom facilities allow our team to tackle medical and industrial client projects with ease and timeliness, ensuring your critical devices are always in safe hands.

180,000 square feet of total space

Pozzetta’s spacious headquarters enable your business to grow with us, giving you the freedom to evolve your production and optimize your yield with our expert crew on your side.

Packaging & engineering

As experts of the critical device world, we understand the unique challenges you may face when developing, transporting, and packaging your valuable devices. In order to simplify the process and free up time spent figuring out the minute details, allow Pozzetta to tackle your packaging and engineering challenges with finesse and fluidity. 


Pozzetta’s packaging and engineering solutions ensure your critical devices are always preserved and protected through various transports, checkpoints, and assembly lines.

11 class 100,000 cleanrooms

Pozzetta’s microclean experts ensure that our facility adheres to the most rigorous of cleanroom standards set by ISO, keeping a clean and organized work space at all times.


Our original packaging and engineering solutions are developed with your critical device designs in mind, with one-of-a-kind details and upgrades that are unique to you.


The goal of Pozzetta is to simplify the production process for your critical devices, saving valued time lost in packaging confusion and engineering troubleshooting.

Universal Component Box (UCB)


Our customized Universal Component Box (UCB) allows a variety of critical device engineers to safely transport their products with ease and versatility. The UCB is made with Purepoly, an inherently dissipative polymer known for its dissipation from static and protection from ESD discharge. Purepoly has a very low concentration of organic and inorganic components, so it is an ideal material choice when outgassing is a concern.

The Universal Component Box
  • Overall size: 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches
  • Completely customizable to fit any component within the size range
  • Slide latch to secure box closure
  • Steel hinge pins for clean, smooth opening and closing
  • Designed for safe protection of valuable devices used in the semiconductor, optics, and solar industries
  • Logos, part numbers, patent information, and other identifiers can be engraved on the outside of the box
  • Threaded inserts in standoffs enable worry-free security for custom applications
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As part of Pozzetta’s continued commitment to protecting photomasks and wafers, we have developed and successfully tested an external packaging solution specifically designed for our shipping and storage boxes.


  • Provides maximum shipping protection for a PZT style compact that holds 6025 photomasks or 200mm single-wafer shippers
  • Accommodates one compact
  • Easy packaging assembly
  • Incorporates anti-static PE cleanroom foam
  • Includes a Pozzetta Positive Response that confirms your order, your shipment, and our quality



  • Provides maximum shipping protection for a PL1400 style compact that holds 9” – 14” photomasks, 300mm grip ring shippers, 300mm+ substrates
  • Accommodates one compact
  • Easy packaging assembly
  • Waxed outer box makes for easy removal of tape, and re-use
  • Incorporates anti-static PE cleanroom foam
  • Includes a Pozzetta Positive Response that confirms your order, your shipment, and our quality


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Low volume production

While Pozzetta’s premium solutions serve global industry leaders of semiconductor devices and microelectronics, we take pride in serving low-volume clients and smaller scale projects. With our 3D printing technology, adaptable attitude, and worldly understanding of the semiconductor world and all production, the Pozzetta team eagerly awaits your next low volume project.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about this emerging solution from our integrated critical device team.

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Prototype development

Every day, our clients rely on Pozzetta to solve their unique scaling, storage, contamination, and efficiency problems that greatly affect the yield of their critical devices. With our industry intellect, hands-on philosophy, and adaptable approach, our team uses ingenuity and creativity to solve these challenges with new-age prototype designs.

Here’s an example of how our prototype development fostered growth and optimization for a valued client of the critical materials world:

I helped my customer by designing a process cassette that doubles as a shipping container. By creating this solution, our customer was able to greatly increase efficiencies and scale production while improving yield.

—Scott Reese, Account Executive

If your products are in need of a fresh perspective, consult the Pozzetta team for unrivaled expertise and commitment.

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C2C cleanroom shipping cube

The C2C Cube is specifically designed for packaging and transport of semiconductor manufacturing equipment from one cleanroom directly into another cleanroom.

The cube is entirely cleanroom-compatible and allows you to bring content with packaging from cleanroom to cleanroom. Let the cube protect your parts until further processing inside the cleanroom. Keep together unique sets of parts and use the associated cube as a carrier all along the lifespan of the set. The entire C2C Cube range has undergone all possible testing at Nefab’s in-house ISTA test lab.


The C2C cube protects your critical devices from contamination and shocks when transporting between clean rooms. The modularity of the different sizes facilitates multiple configurations of stacking, storing and handling. 


Although a universal pillow cushioning concept available, Nefab can design special inserts for the C2C cube. This customized option ensures maximum cleanliness and purity when handling your critical devices. 



The C2C is a returnable system with a very long life span. With a global refurbishing service plan, your C2C Cube will be ready to be used again after each cycle. Refurbishment services are also available to further extend its lifespan. 



Special runnels keep the belts in place and secure the box, enabling safe, easy handling (manual or by machine).


Used to return the packaging in clean condition.


Use this on all your product sizes and protect down to 10 G.


To equip the Cube with inner straps or add accessories like special fastening plates.


Lift the box manually, even with a protective PE layer around it.


Each Cube has an integrated RFID tag and cleanable label surface.


The special developed filter regulates the air pressure inside the box in transit without adding a risk for contamination.


The C2C Cube sizes are conform to international logistic standards.The modular concept and special stacking features allow you to ship multiple combinations of boxes safely.

critical device

Learn more about our integrated critical device solutions by setting up a consultation with our expert team. 

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